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Ready to capture the

beautiful chaos in your head? 

By approaching your craft with a beginner’s mind, I capture your passion, bring to life technical components, and refine the minutiae of your work. By the time we’re finished, you will feel I'm just as passionate about your topic as you are. Your message will be exciting, understandable, and inspiring to your unique audience. There's no topic too esoteric for me, but I will decline your project if it isn't the right fit.

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I work with creative professionals, business owners, and passionate hobbyists to create timeless books on doing what you love. 

I work with creative professionals, business owners, and passionate hobbyists to create timeless books on doing what you love. 

I work with creative professionals, business owners, and passionate hobbyists to create timeless books on doing what you love. 

Are you ready to write your book?

My Clients Are:

. . . food industry professionals looking to grow their business and establish expertise.

. . . emerging thought leaders working to build their brand and diversify revenue streams.

. . . hobbyists aspiring to share expertise with their community and build enthusiasm for their passion. 

. . . creative professionals wanting to support up and coming artists and influence the direction of their industry.

Alex Cody Foster

"Kelsey crafted for my online ghostwriting course the most compelling, creative, and well written instructional materials I have ever seen. I was truly blown away when she showed them to me. I didn't know a whole course module could be diluted to such a fascinating written narrative and have such an impact! I will be working with her on many writing projects in the future, and can't recommend her highly enough."

What My Clients Say

Chef/Owner of Dilya Cooks

Dilya Amonova

"Kelsey was so much more than a co-author. She helped me improve my recipes, reach the right audience, and truly captured my love of cooking. She gave me the confidence to strike out on my own and believe in my creativity. There's no way I could have completed this project on my own. I love what we wrote together."

What My Clients Say

Courtney Bingham

"I never knew someone could express my love of animals the way Kelsey did. She wrote so passionately and authentically about my work, and it has already attracted more customers. Working with her was one of the best investments I've made in my business in years. I felt like she loved animals as much as I do!"

What My Clients Say


Marley Santizo

"I’ve worked with Kelsey for years on my writing, and can honestly say that it has been one of the best creative partnerships I’ve ever had. She’s really able to work with whatever I bring to the table in that moment and shape it into something special. I just feel inspired when I’m around her!"

What My Clients Say

Artyom Novikov

"People always call me a perfectionist because I obsess over details. Kelsey is exactly the same way. I’m all about custom building projects, and she is all about words. I felt like I could really trust her with my ideas. The writing she did for my business sounded exactly like me."

What My Clients Say

A little about me

A book nerd at heart, I’ve been writing since I was in kindergarten and publishing since I was a teenager. Like a lot of creatives, I thought my best shot at doing what I loved was to become a teacher. So after earning my MFA in Creative Writing, I spent fifteen years working in schools, training other teachers, and publishing my poetry and prose on the weekends. Though I started teaching high school in my home state, the classroom eventually took me to Europe, West Africa, South America, and Central Asia. 

When I finally landed back in Austin, Texas, I decided to dedicate my time to helping other creatives ​capture their crafts in words.  With a lifelong interest in food and culture, I started by working with an Uzbek chef to hone her recipes and create a portfolio for her food delivery service. It was the only job I've ever had that didn't feel like work. These days I'm always working on multiple projects, but I can't remember the last time I felt like I had a "real job."  

Your book. Your expertise. Your voice.

Learn about the process.

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