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I'll conduct in-depth, one-on-one interviews with you and your associates, create an outline for your book, then deliver the first 25 pages to make sure you LOVE what we're doing. Once it is approved, I'll write a first and second draft for you to review, and will deliver a polished, publication-ready manuscript! The average project takes 6 months to complete and is paid in equal monthly installments after an initial 20% deposit. Your voice. Your story. You keep all the credit.

Full Length Book : $30,000+

We will talk at length about your project idea and work together to develop each section of the book proposal. Depending on the type of book, your proposal will include a synopsis, sample chapters, target audiences, competitive title analysis, author information, and a marketing plan. Most proposals take 3 months to complete and are paid in equal monthly installments. Once completed, I work on a retainer to submit your book proposal to literary agents and publishers. 

Book Proposal : $10,000

       A Note About My Fees

All project fees are quoted individually and change depending on a project's complexity and timeline. A detailed agreement will be prepared for each project. A 20% deposit is required upon contract signing to reserve my services. I do not collect royalties or share in any future earnings. Full copy and sales rights as well as exclusive authorship are retained by you. Similarly, I do not work for a share of royalties or any type of deferred payment.

Ask About Manuscript Evaluations!

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