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Kelsey Erin Shipman

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Writing & Editing Services

Working on Rooftop


Your Voice



Manuscript Consultation

When you've already completed a draft of your book, and you need a professional to give you an honest evaluation.

Book Coaching

You are working hard on a story, but you need support, guidance, and someone who can brainstorm with you.


I'll write your book from start to finish. Your story. Your voice. You keep all of the credit.

Book Proposals

I'll complete a book proposal based on your idea and pitch it to literary agents and publishers to help get you a book deal.

Book Doctoring

When you've completed a manuscript, but it needs a major overhaul. I'll edit, rewrite, and get it publication-ready.

About Me


I’ve been writing since I was in kindergarten and publishing since I was a teenager. I've spent my entire adult life writing, teaching others how to write, and building a publishing portfolio

After more than a decade teaching writing for universities, I'm especially good at synthesizing information and organizing it into a compelling narrative in a particular voice. My experience in education combined with over 15 years of publishing credits, makes me uniquely suited to work with you on your writing goals. 

In addition to a mountain of published literary works, I've written for newspapers, magazines and a variety of websites. I earned my MFA in Creative Writing at Texas State University and am the founder of The Freehand Arts Project, a non-profit organization that offers creative writing and arts classes in Texas jails and prisons.

My Clients

I work with busy professionals who don’t have time to sit and write for hours, but who have an important idea or perspective that could change their industry. I work with young people who are bursting with creativity, but whose time is chock-full of school, work, and family. I work with seniors who finally have the space, time and money to reflect on their life’s journey. I work with budding writers with a great idea in need of accountability and support. I work with anyone who has a good story and the motivation to tell it.

“Kelsey is the best editor I've worked with because she really understands the world of my novel and cares about my writing life. Her services are well worth the price."

Paul Tompkins, Book Coaching


A proven method
to engage with your ideas
that is clear and rewarding.

A mutually-beneficial process that works with your time, talent, and budget.

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