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Literary Work

The Dillydoun Review

"Age 8"

Reunion: The Dallas Review

"Azle, Texas"

After Happy Hour Review

"Grass Fires"

Foothill: A Journal of Poetry

"Act II: Orpheo ed Euridice"

Diverse Arts Project

"Khan" & "Morning After"

African American Review

"What I Could Say" & "Genealogy"

Front Porch Journal

Book Review

Piece Magazine

"The Whale"

The Sagebrush Review


Texas Poetry Calendar



"On Being A Philosophy Student"

Four and Twenty Journal

"Lie Still"

Web Content

Since 2009, I've worked as a freelance writer focusing on web content for health, travel and lifestyle websites. I've published articles for USA Today, Livestrong, Garden Guides, eHow and many others. 

USA Today Article
USA Today Article
USA Today Article
USA Today Article Article
eHow Article


Over the years, I've compiled my own collections of work and sold them at readings, shows and online. I've self-published three books of poetry, including one in Spanish, as well as a self-titled album of jazz/funk spoken word poetry.

Kelsey Erin Shipman Debut Album

Self-Titled Spoken Word Album

I See The Stars Book of Poetry

I See the Stars: Poems

Cold Days: A Book of Poetry

Cold Days: A Book of Poetry

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