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The Process

Free Consultation

During your free consultation, we will meet virtually or over the phone to discuss your book. I’ll ask you questions about the goal, scope, and timeline of your project as well as what you’ve already completed (if anything). We’ll get a feel for each other’s communication style and decide if we are a good fit. If you like, I'll send you sample chapters from a similar project or write a sample of your project for a small fee.



My pricing is aligned with industry standards as described by the Editorial Freelancers Association and is based on the scope of the project. My basic rate is $50/hour which I use to calculate the time it takes to plan your project, conduct interviews and research, as well as write and edit your book. We will discuss the details of your project in our free preliminary consultation where I will work up an estimate based on completion time. When we agree, a 25% deposit will be due upon contract signing. The next 25% will be due once the writing has begun, and the rest of the fee will be due when the project is completed. 

My Pricing is Based on:

  • Page Count

  • Required Research & Interview Time

  • Project Timeline

  • Industry Standards

Clients are welcome to pay through Venmo, Paypal or check.


Why should I hire a ghostwriter?

You are looking to publish a book in order to increase your industry recognition, leverage your talent for additional work, or break into a new field, but you are busy and don’t have time to dedicate to writing a whole book. Or, you want to record your life’s journey for your friends and family, but don’t have the experience to write a full length manuscript. You have a great story to tell, but you aren’t a writer. That’s what a ghostwriter is for!

Who hires ghostwriters?

I work with busy professionals who don’t have time to sit and write for hours, but who have an important idea or perspective that could change their industry. I work with young people who are bursting with creativity, but whose time is chock-full of school, work, and family. I work with seniors who finally have the space, time and money to reflect on their life’s journey. I work with anyone who has a good story and the motivation to tell it.

Why are you qualified to write my book?

I’ve been writing since I was in kindergarten, and I’ve been publishing since I was a teenager. I've spent my entire adult life writing, teaching others how to write, and building a publishing portfolio. After almost a decade teaching writing for universities, I'm especially good at synthesizing information and organizing it into a compelling narrative in a particular voice. I’ve written multiple books myself, published many short pieces, and I'm a people person who loves listening to stories on back porches. In short, I won’t just guarantee that you’ll love your book, but that you’ll love the process too.

How long does ghostwriting take?

This depends based on your specific project. I only take on one project at a time, and complete 2 - 4 long-form projects each year, plus a few shorter ones. Depending on the length, research required, and my workload, your project can take anywhere from 1 - 6 months. But have no fear, we will iron out all of these details before you sign up to work with me! 

How much does ghostwriting cost?

There’s a wide range of prices for ghostwriters, and a wide range of projects that a ghostwriter completes. My pricing is based on the hourly rate listed by the Editorial Freelancers Association as well as the scope of your project. My basic rate is $50/hour which I use to calculate the time it takes to plan your project, conduct interviews and research, as well as write and edit your book. After your free consultation, I’ll send you a detailed estimate that outlines the cost of your entire project.

Is ghostwriting ethical?

Yes! Ghostwriting has been around since the printing press was invented. It has a long history in the publishing world, one which has kept many famous writers afloat until they achieved recognition and enough royalties to pay their rent. I can’t tell your story without you - you have the expertise, the new idea, the personal experience. I have the talent and know-how to put it into a book that sounds uniquely like you. From the start, we are in this together!

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